Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tyne Bridge Father's Day Protest

Full Story: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/News_0868.htm

At around 4am this morning fathers rights activist Simon Anderton scaled the Tyne Bridge, the iconic landmark that connects Newcastle and Gateshead. Once there he unfurled a banner saying Happy Fathers day - real fathers for justice.org, dangling from a rope underneath the bridge is an effigy of a hanging father; this is to symbolize the thousands of fathers who will commit suicide as a result of contact denial and prolonged family court proceedings. Simon (44) has previously protested on a ledge with Paul Addison at Westminster Abbey at Easter 2006, where they were eventually talked down by Ann Widdecombe, they also spent 9 days on the roof of Metro radio in sub-zero temperatures over Christmas 2005. He has supplies for several days and has no plans to come down. Group spokesman Mike Kelly Said This protest marks a return to action for us, we have tried to engage with government ministers but have been denied access again and again We were denied access to a conference where Harriet Harman was discussing opening the family courts to the press, this is symptomatic of this governments refusal to listen to the electorate The fact is children are still being denied access to see one of their parents, we estimate around half a million - court sanctioned contact orders are not being enforced, Cafcass officers are still under trained and underfunded, the doors to the secret family courts remain closed and unaccountable Parents like Simon deserve justice, he has not had any contact with his own children for 7 years, despite have a contact order saying he can, the courts wouldnt enforce the order and they seemingly have now been alienated against him - he can only hope they will vote with their feet once old enough

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