Monday, 9 June 2008

Baby girl killed by father while being monitored by social services

Full Story:

An investigation has been launched into how a five month old girl was killed by her father while being monitored by social services. Elisha Allen was classified as "at risk" even before she was born and died from head injuries after being shaken to death by Gary Allen. Allen, 25, and her mother Claire Morton, 30, were scrutinised by social workers in Sunderland during the pregnancy. But two months before the birth, the pair moved two miles away into a different local authority area with its own social services department in County Durham. Elisha was killed in January last year while they were living in Bournmoor having moved from Penshaw, Sunderland. Child protection experts from both authorities are conducting a Serious Case Review into the death and the results will be released when criminal proceedings have been concluded. Among their consideration will be whether Sunderland's social services passed on sufficient information about Allen's propensity for violence. Kevan Jones, MP for North Durham, in whose constituency the family were living when Elisha was killed, said: "Clearly someone has to be brought to account for this. "This is an appalling case and someone needs to explain why just because these parents moved across a local authority border nobody saw fit to keep the case under review." Allen has admitted manslaughter as a result of a "sudden loss of self control" and Morton, has pleaded guilty to causing or allowing the death of her baby daughter. Both will be sentenced in August

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