Tuesday, 10 June 2008

'I will not be moved', vows Fathers 4 Justice campaigner who is STILL on minister's roof

Full Story: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/News_0857.htm

A Fathers 4 Justice protester today vowed to remain on top of Harriet Harman's roof until his fellow protester had been released by police. He also accused officers of using 'heavy-handed' tactics in trying to wrestle him down. Jolly Stanesby and fellow demonstrator Mark Harris scaled the deputy leader of the Labour Party's house yesterday morning dressed as 'Captain Conception' and 'Cash Gordon'. Mr Harris climbed down and was arrested last night but his fellow protester spent the night sleeping under a tarpaulin and insisted today he was staying put. In for the long haul: Protester Jolly Stanesby was still on Harriet Harman's roof this morning and insists he is staying put This morning Mr Stanesby said: 'I'm not coming down until they free my mate Mark. He is still being held.' The pair were taking part in their latest protest over the treatment of fathers in child custody battles in court and had unfurled a banner reading 'A father is for life, not just conception'. The Minister for Women refused to meet the pair and decided to temporarily move out of her South London address six hours after they arrived The activists demanded the MP for Camberwell and Peckham read Mr Harris's book, Family Court Hell, an account of his court battle for custody of his two daughters. Originally boasting they had enough food and water to stay aloft for a week, Mr Harris soon had to be brought down suffering from heatstroke. He was arrested and faces charges of criminal damage and causing a public nuisance. Determined: Mr Stanesby says fathers are treated like 'walking wallets' But Mr Stanesby, 37, said: 'This protest is extremely important. In the courts dads are treated like a walking wallet and with total disregard. I will take each hour as it comes.'

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