Thursday, 12 June 2008

Britain's Biggest Babies (ITV Documentary)

Full Story & Video:

Britains babies are getting bigger and bigger. One in 20 newborns in the UK weighs over 9lbs and are classed as too big, and this can be traumatic for both baby and mum. Britains Biggest Babies looks at why our countrys babies are getting larger and investigates the theory that a nation of junk food eating mothers are producing a nation of junk food loving children - who are being born big and are staying big. And a team of experts who have been experimenting with pregnant rats reveal the astonishing results of their studies. The programme also features: The mum who gave birth to Britains biggest ever baby. The 23-stone-mum awaiting the birth of her second child. The mum whose 14lb baby is now just two but wearing clothes for a seven-year-old The 10lb 9oz newborn who is now a year old and can eat a full bag of chips Footage of the biggest baby in the world 17lb Nadia from Siberia. Pregnant Karen, 34, from Andover, weighs 23 stone and is expecting a large baby after the birth of her first child, Shay, who weighed 13lb 1oz. She tells the programme that she has developed pregnancy related diabetes because of her weight and doctors are keeping a close eye on her. The cameras follow her as she prepares for the birth of her super-size baby and are there when he is delivered

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