Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Dave Pelzer – 'Moving On' After Child Abuse (ITV This Morning)

Full Story: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/News_0892.htm

Dave Pelzer is the author of the best selling memoirs A Child Called It, The Lost Boy and A Man Called Dave. He underwent years of physical torture at the hands of his mother and was identified as one of the most severely abused children in California's history. Dave a brutal childhood, suffering for years at the hands of his mother. He said: She decided to call me 'It', my father saw some of the stuff she did but was too weak to stand up to her. She beat me, starved me and forced me to sleep in the basement. Despite this he has gone on to become the author of six inspirational books and he joins us today with his latest 'Moving Forward - Taking the Lead in Your Life'

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