Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Brothers and Sisters in Love (ITV 1 Documentary)

Full Story and Video:

Investigating the phenomenon of genetic sexual attraction, which leads people who are biologically related to develop romantic feelings toward one another when they meet for the first time as adults. The programme features the stories of an American brother and sister who live as a couple and German siblings who have had four children together. Sally George narrates When, after sixty years, Ron traced Doris, the sister he had never met before, he had no idea he would open a Pandoras Box of emotions and fall madly in love with her. Ron is one of a seemingly growing number of people experiencing a phenomenon experts call Genetic Sexual Attraction, where siblings who grow up separately and meet for the first time as adults and strangers can fall prey to an overwhelming incestuous desire for each other. More people than ever are now able to trace blood relatives through genealogy websites and adoption agencies. As many as 50% of siblings reunited as adults are said to experience these same powerful feelings. (Post-Adoption Centre & Maurice Greenberg and Roland Littlewood, UCL. 1995) Brothers and Sisters in Love has exclusive access to siblings from the UK, Germany and America who have confronted the greatest moral dilemma of their lives and risked everything including breaking the law - to be together. Siblings Rachel and Sean now live openly together as man and wife, brother and sister Patrick and Susan have gone one step further and had four children together, while Diane and Steve a mother and son - have breached the ultimate taboo, sex between a parent and her adult child. In this powerful and sensitive film, these couples describe the often devastating consequences that their uncontrollable attraction has had for them and their families.

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