Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Someone must pay for murder of Billie-Jo

Full Story: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/News_0874.htm

SION Jenkins, the man who was cleared on appeal of the murder of his foster daughter Billie-Jo after spending six-and-a-half years behind bars, is facing a civil action lodged by his sister-in-law. Billie-Jos aunt Margaret Coster is taking independent legal action on the grounds that Mr Jenkins breached his duty of care by leaving her alone in the family home on the day she was killed. She said: I have issued a summons against him. We are taking it to a civil court and we will fight until justice is done. The importance of this is justice for Billie-Jo. Somebody murdered a 13-year-old child. Lets not forget it. Now somebody has got to answer to it. So we are taking our chances. Mrs Coster, who lives in West Ham, East London, and is the sister of Mr Jenkins ex-wife Lois, said she had been told by her solicitors not to make any further comment, She first pledged to take ex-headteacher Mr Jenkins to court after he had his original verdict quashed in 2006. At the time she said: We will see him in court again. This is not the end. Richard Scorer, a lawyer who specialises in this type of claim, said that even if Mrs Coster was successful she could probably only win around Pfund10,000. He said: In these cases its extremely unlikely that the relatives pursue the claim just for the money, as the compensation tends to be very modest. They tend to go for it because they think there has been some sort of injustice carried out. But it would still be a big case to pursue as you have got to go over all the evidence that was brought forward in the criminal trial. Even though Billie-Jos murder took place more than 10 years ago, Mrs Coster can still pursue a civil claim thanks to a new ruling. Recently, the Lords of Appeal granted people the right to pursue claims for damages in cases involving negligence and sexual assault beyond the usual six-year time limit.

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