Monday, 9 June 2008

Man held over Harman roof protest (BBC News)

Full Story:

A man has been arrested after a rooftop protest at the home of Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman. Police said fathers' rights campaigner Mark Harris, from Devon, was held on suspicion of criminal damage, causing a public nuisance and other offences. A second Fathers 4 Justice protester remains on the roof of Ms Harman's home with a banner reading: "A father is for life, not just conception." Ms Harman has left the house in Herne Hill, south London. The protesters had been on the roof since scaling the building, dressed in superhero-style costumes, early on Sunday morning. Jolly Stanesby, also from Devon, who remains on the roof, told BBC News: "I was considering coming down but they've turned nasty and this is the trouble with dealing with the family courts all the time. "Dads get criticised, criticised, criticised, and now I'm even more determined than ever to stay up here as long as possible." Ms Harman, who is also Secretary of State for Equalities and Minister for Women, said the men had not requested a meeting, "so this is clearly just a demonstration".

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