Monday, 9 June 2008

Social work bosses act on report

Full Story:

Quick action promised after critical study flagged up 23 areas for improvement Social work bosses at Aberdeen City Council insisted last night they were already taking action to address weaknesses identified in a critical report. Chief social worker Sandra Power and social work spokesman Gordon Leslie said the recommendations of the Social Work Inspection Agency (SWIA) study, which flagged up 23 areas for improvement, would be implemented fully and quickly. They include improving very low staff morale and poor leadership shown by officers and councillors. Ms Power stressed, however, that the report the third damning verdict on the way Scotlands third-largest council is run in recent weeks was not completely negative. Inspectors found the majority of service users interviewed agreed there was a good range of services available to them. They also noted managers had developed a clear vision of what direction they wanted to take health and care services in. However, the authority was rapped for its longstanding financial difficulties and not ensuring that services were targeted properly at the right people. On a six-point scale, the best that the council achieved in two categories was adequate.

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