Thursday, 31 January 2008

The baby snatchers: Now teenage mother faces battle to keep baby that judge ordered social workers hand back

The baby snatchers: Now teenage mother faces battle to keep baby that judge ordered social workers hand back
A teenage mother reunited with her newborn baby by a judge yesterday will today face a social services application to take the boy away again.
The newborn baby was illegally snatched from its mother by social workers in the early hours of yesterday morning.
Officials claimed the 18-year-old mother was unfit to care for the child because of mental health problems.
But hours later a High Court judge ordered the infant to be returned immediately, saying the social workers had acted beyond their powers.
Mr Justice Munby told the officials that they "should have known better".
Mr Munby Should Be More Consistent In His Decisions!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Friends of 'Stop Injustice Now' Have Made This Video In The Help To Fight Social Services

Crystal Walton was taken by SS from her Mum and Dad, who were told to stay away from media. Imagine the shock of seeing your baby advertised for adoption while you are fighting to have her returned! Then Gagged by the Courts....
Special Thank To 'Hope 4 Kidz'

Friday, 25 January 2008

A problem shared


A bold child protection scheme that uses volunteers to help families turn their lives around has proved so successful in helping children classed as "at risk" that councils around the country are now looking to replicate its work. The CSV (Community Service Volunteers) scheme has helped 15 families move off the at risk register – half the families targeted for volunteer support. It was piloted in Sunderland and the London borough of Bromley who have both found the scheme a success. Bromley plans to expand it while Sunderland hopes to use volunteers as outreach workers from their children's centres. Now the charity is in talks with five other interested councils in London, the east of England and the Midlands. "I'm really happy with the way it's gone," said Jean Pardey, the CSV director who oversees the programme. "What's been so good is the acceptance of volunteers: families and social workers value them." "I come from a social work background and can see there are extraordinary possibilities to it. The importance even of little things like helping get children to school is immense. It can relieve the pressure on families." The Volunteers in Child Protection scheme was seen as exceptionally bold when it was launched by the charity in 2003. Many questioned the wisdom of using volunteers to help tackle families with often complex and difficult problems. But its initiative has paid dividends. CSV said volunteers can offer unique support to families on the "at risk" register who may be wary of saying or doing anything in front of social workers, fearing they could have their children taken away. Volunteers are able to get closer and put families at ease, as well as continuing to offer support when official help ends as families leave the register. The project was inspired by a similar scheme in California that launched just when concerns about the killing of Victoria Climbie were pushing child protection agencies to cast around for new ideas. CSV has just recruited its 60th volunteer and said they were pleased that many had ended work with one family and come back to help others. Their volunteers are aged 18 to 60: many have their own children while younger ones are often thinking of a career in social work.

Parents tell of children's hell lost in care


A COUPLE falsely accused of sexually abusing their children say their kids have been left damaged by having to go into care. Newport couple Tim and Gina Williams’ story shocked every parent in the country back in 2004 as appalling social service blunders tore their family apart. But more than a year after complete vindication in the High Court and with their little ones finally returned to them, they claim once happy-go-lucky Zara, now 13, Ieuan, 10, and eight-year-old Courtney are now like “three little strangers” in their own home. “They are so different since they came back to us, none can bear to have us out of their sight for long because they think we won’t come back,” said Gina, 38, who vowed to ensure no others would have to endure the pain they suffered. They want a forthcoming confidential report by the Newport Safeguarding Children Board, which heavily criticises Newport Council, Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and Gwent Police’s role in the fiasco, to be made public. “We just want to know that serious lessons have been learned because we wouldn’t want our worst enemies to go through what we did,” said Tim, 38, who is unable to work because of a heart condition. “Because of everything that’s happened our kids freak out if they don’t see us at the school gates the moment the bell rings, and we have to take them everywhere with us because they refuse to go to babysitters. “They were ripped from us and still don’t understand why. They think it was because they were naughty or that we didn’t want or love them any more.” But the truth was far more difficult for anyone to comprehend. The Williams’ terrible ordeal began in May 15, 2004 after an 11-year-old boy was invited to play with their children in their paddling pool. Later that day after he and Courtney were sent upstairs to change into their bed clothes Tim discovered the boy, minus his pyjama bottoms, on top of his five-year-old daughter whose nightie was hoisted above her waist. Furious, he called the police who were followed by social services, setting in motion the devastating chain of events. Courtney had to endure internal examinations after which a doctor concluded she’d been the victim of chronic sexual abuse by an adult – casting suspicion on both Tim and Gina. “Social services said if we didn’t hand the three of them over they’d get a court order to take them from us,” said Tim. “After three sleepless nights and endless hours of talking, we felt forced to agree to their demands.” Banned from discussing details of the investigation with their distraught children, Tim and Gina drove them to the social services office, telling them they were going on a little holiday.

Free the 'Grandfather One'


Is it really in the public interest that a grandparent is jailed for not avoiding his grandson? Two MPs have put down an early day motion in the House of Commons to bring attention to what they believe is a miscarriage of justice. It notes that a man named Charles Roy Taylor has been sent to prison for 20 months for being in contact with his stepgrandson. It “wonders if this is a good use of scarce prison resources; and calls for the Secretary of State for Justice to consider whether he should be released for Christmas”. Jack Straw no doubt has bigger things on his mind. And no story like this is ever as simple as it looks. But it deserves attention. Charles Roy Taylor is a 71-year-old with a heart condition. He knew that a jail sentence was the penalty he might pay if he did not take steps to avoid his stepgrandson. But this seems desperately unfair. The teenager, whom we shall call John, has been in care since his mother died of an overdose. He has been phoning his grandparents and running away to see them for some time. In the end, social services became concerned that the grandparents were “undermining the care plan” by continuing to see John. It does not appear to be clear to the grandparents what the care plan is. But it does not seem to include them, even though they could presumably be John's first port of call when he leaves the care system at 18. It is not the local authority's fault that this child had a difficult childhood. In taking responsibility for him, social workers were doing their best. Neither he nor his grandparents sound like the easiest people to deal with. But as in so many cases of this kind, bitterness between the family and the authorities appears to have escalated into a ludicrous situation, which simply cannot be in the best interests of the child. After a great deal of argy-bargy that I cannot go into for legal reasons, Mr Taylor last year gave an undertaking not to communicate with John until he was 18. But asking a man not to pick up the phone to a child, not to take him in when he turns up at the front door, is a harsh demand. It is tantamount to asking him to deny that the child exists, when what that child may need most is attention. In stalking cases, when Person A is ordered to avoid Person B, it is usually at the explicit request of Person B, who fears assault. In this case, Person B was apparently desperate to see his grandparents. He seems to see them as his best hope. So in whose interests was such an order? If he has broken his undertaking, Mr Taylor has surely been responding as humanely as most of us would. A jail sentence seems wholly disproportionate. When I first learnt of this case I felt that there must be more to it. That perhaps the grandparents were suspected of abuse. I can find no evidence of any such allegation. Indeed, the authorities initially seemed happy to leave them in contact with John. What appears to have happened is that the exchanges between the family and social workers became increasingly bitter, all of whom no doubt believed themselves to be in the right. The council cannot comment on individual cases. It will say only that “Mr Taylor was sentenced by the High Court after he breached a court order”. It cannot comment on John's treatment in care. John seems unhappy. He has apparently asked to be discharged. But his voice can only be heard within the system, a system he seems determined to rebel against. There is a growing campaign on the internet to release Mr Taylor. This has two parts. The first is that a 20-month jail sentence is preposterous when the prisons are so overcrowded that dangerous criminals are being released early. The second is that Mr Taylor was allegedly committed to jail in a “secret court”. This seems unlikely. But it is an allegation that is made frequently. Legally, you cannot send someone to jail in a secret court. In practice, it is questionable whether a judge sitting in a family court from which press and public are excluded, who declares the court open for a few minutes to pronounce sentence, is really “open”.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

China’s Stolen Children (In the UK, Social Services Kidnap Children Everyday)

This Documentary shows how the one child policy has created a boomingTrade in stolen children. Look how it is in china and then look at the Baby Adoption trade in the UK. The UK Government sanction child kidnapping by Social services and other professionals departments. In China the Children are being Sold to the highest bidder, Here in the UK Social Services get more money for the more children they kidnap. (So What’s the Difference, I’ll tell you the difference it’s legal in the UK).

If You Want To Watch The Full Version In One Go, It Is Here:’s_Stolen_Children_(In_the_UK,_Social_Services_Kidnap_Children_Everyday).htm
The Documentary Is In 9 Parts Below, For Slower Internet Users!

Part 1 of 9

Part 2 of 9

Part 3 of 9

Part 4 of 9

Part 5 of 9

Part 6 of 9

Part 7 of 9

Part 8 of 9

Part 9 of 9

Monday, 21 January 2008

Half The 'Stop Injustice Now' Site Up Date Is Now Complete!

Over 150 Video's Also Loads Of Help Files & Web Content Pages!
Check It Out, As I Would Like Some Feedback!
Some Pages May Not Be Up Dated Until The End Of January 2008. Please Bare With Us, You Will Find The Updates Very Helpful As They Will Contain Information On Court Forms And Help With Social Services Problem. Video And Text Help Will Be Available. Contains Education Help And Social Services Help!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Crystal Walton - Stop Injustice Now's Daughter - Has Her Own Guest Book

Crystal Walton, Our Daughter (Sarah & Ian), Has Her Own Guestbook, Please Find It In Your Heart To Sign It.
Many Thanks In Advance, From Crystal & Ourselves!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


The Main 'Stop Injustice Now' Site Is Having A Major Up Date, Some Pages May Not Be Up Dated Until The End Of January 2008. Please Bare With Us, You Will Find The Updates Very Helpful As They Will Contain Information On Court Forms And Help With Social Services Problem. Video And Text Help Will Be Available.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

'Every Child Matters' Video Edition' - Happiest Days

'Every Child Matters' Video Edition - Used In Child Protection!
School Matters - Happiest Days ‘Watch All 3 Parts Here’
A Look At Some Innovative Ways In Which Schools Are Spreading Happiness Throughout Their Curriculum And Placing It At The Heart Of School Life
Watch The Full Version At The Following Link:

'This Information Is Used By Social Services, Now Use It Against Them!'

1 of 3

2 of 3

3 of 3

'This Information Is Used By Social Services, Now Use It Against Them!'

'Every Child Matters' Video Edition - Protecting Children

'Every Child Matters' Video Edition
School Matters - Protecting Children 'All 3 Parts'
School Child Protection
'This Information Is Used By Social Services, Now Use It Against Them!'
A Look Behind The Headlines Of Four Possible True Stories Of Child Abuse And How Teachers And Other Professionals Dealt With The Challenges Raised!
Full Length Version Can Be Seen At This Link:

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

'This Information Is Used By Social Services, Now Use It Against Them!'

Thursday, 3 January 2008

The imprisonment of Charles Taylor (The 71 year old pensioner)

Watch The Tv Broadcast At The End Of This Post!
John Hemming MP & Robert Simms MP, have tabled an Early Day Motion concerning the imprisonment of Charles Taylor, ( the 71 year old pensioner from Poole in Dorset ) who has a heart condition who was sentenced to 20 months imprisonment for staying in contact with his grandchild who is in Care. The EDM asks that the Home Secretary releases Charles Taylor immediately. The imprisonment of Charles Taylor is particularly reprehensible, when it is also known, that the government has made numerous announcements drawing attention to the lack of prison spaces for serious convicted criminals.
The EDM will be published tomorrow in the usual segment of the House of Commons website and will then be given a number.
This EDM will allow the press and media to identify Charles Taylor and to provide the background to a story which the authorities have been keeping from the public. It will clearly identify that Family Court secrecy has been used to conceal information that the government, social workers and other public officials are too embarrassed to have the press report. It also clearly identifies the gagging of the press and the clandestine restrictions on the freedom of speech.
Meridian TV Broadcast 14/12/07
The Imprisonment of Charles Taylor