Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Father's bridge protest continues

Full Story:

A fathers' rights campaigner is continuing his protest on top of the Tyne Bridge, more than 24 hours after climbing to the top. Simon Anderton, a member of Real Fathers for Justice, climbed to the top arch on Sunday morning. The 44-year-old unfurled a "Happy Father's Day" banner and dangled an effigy of a hanged father underneath. A spokesman for the group said he had food and warm clothes for a long protest. Police are at the scene. The bridge is not closed to traffic, but the pedestrian footway is shut. On standby Acc Ch Insp John MacPhail, of Northumbria Police, said officers were negotiating with the protester. He said: "It would be far too dangerous to physically remove him from the bridge and we are waiting for him to decide to come down, hopefully very soon."

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