Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Protestor Arrested after 63 hours on Tyne Bridge

Full Story:

Real fathers for Justice activist Simon Anderton was arrested just after 7pm tonight after his descent, having spent around 63 hours on the Tyne Bridge exposed to the North East elements in his protest for equal parenting rights. Rffj spokesman Mike Kelly said "Despite having run out of food, water and vital medication, Simon was determined the protest would continue into a fourth day" "Police approached me to plead again with Simon to end the protest, it was only when he learned that his daughter Donna had been on TV and recorded a heartfelt appeal for him to come down did he decide to end his high level vigil" "Simon climbed down unaided and was applauded and cheered by around a dozen members of his family who police had allowed access on to the bridge, Rffj supporters who throughout the protest had kept support on the ground cheered from the Quayside below" "He was immediately arrested and taken to Market Street Police Station in Newcastle where he is currently being held" "I understand Simon will appear in Newcastle magistrates court first thing on Wednesday, if he is bailed Rffj hope to arrange a social gathering where supporters can speak to Simon and other group members about the reason why we do the protests, perhaps we can even help point a few people in need in the right direction through our experience and maybe even recruit a few new members?" "The last few days we have been inundated with calls, emails and enquiries" "We have had to answer a few difficult questions about the extreme nature of this protest, but overwhelmingly the support for Simon has been positive" "We feel vindicated in our efforts to raise awareness to the plight of many parents after separation, when reading emails and taking calls we know what others have gone through - Simon's case is only the tip of the iceberg"

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