Friday, 24 April 2009

National Anti Forced Adoption Week; 9th November 2009 until 15th November 2009, Anti Forced Adoption Week

Anti Forced Adoption Week 9th - 15th November 2009.BAAF working to find A way to split families up, so children can be stolen all year round. Every November they draw the nation's attention in stealing more children. Each year they Campaign to steal more children. Read and listen to people who have been affected by Forced Adoption. The adoptive parents and adopted people are fooled in to the corruption with deception. If you feel ready to make the next step towards becoming an Abductor parent, we'll help guide you to the next steps. Stealing Children is open to more people than you think. BAAF, Social Services, Solicitors, Judges, The Government All Steal Your Children From You. There are opportunities to Email Your Local Social Services to Tell Them About Your Own Account Of How They Steal Children. In aspects of forced-adoption. Just Contact Your Local Authority, I'm Sure They Would Be Able To Steal A Child For You.

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