Sunday, 19 April 2009

Jury finds teen mother guilty of child abuse and murder

SALT LAKE CITY -- After deliberating for three and a half hours, a jury found a young mother guilty of murdering her toddler son by snapping his spine.
There is no question that 22-month-old Alejandro Lucero had a difficult life. Not only did the medical examiner testify that his spine was broken in half, but also that there were past signs of abuse as well: bruises and a fractured rib.
His mother, Adrianna Lucero was sobbing as she sat in court Friday afternoon as a jury read their verdict against her: Guilty of child abuse. Guilty of murder.
Outside the courtroom, her lawyer expressed surprise. "I don't think the evidence was there," Stephen McCaughey said. "I think any case like this is difficult, but the jury didn't seem to have a lot of problems with it coming back quickly."
Friends and family left visibly upset.
Prosecutors told the jury that, last August, the then 17-year-old mother was overwhelmed as a single parent. She snapped and broke Alejandro's spine while at her boyfriend's apartment in Kearns.

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