Sunday, 19 April 2009

Limit imposed on social workers’ child abuse caseloads

SOCIAL workers are being limited in the number of child protection cases they handle at any one time in Londons East End.
A Child Death overview panel has also been set up to make sure lessons are learned from incidents where children die in unexpected circumstances.
The moves are part of a series of recommendations at Tower Hamlets aimed at relieving the pressure on overworked social services where children are in danger.
It follows the case of Baby P who was battered to death in north London last year.
A similar case known as Baby H hit Tower Hamlets and Redbridge the year before with the death of an infant killed by his father.
The childs parents were under Tower Hamlets social servicesbut were moved out to Redbridge before the father bashed the infants head on the floor. The father was later jailed by the Old Bailey.
A national review of child protection procedures was ordered by the Government in light of a number of child-battering incidents such as Baby H and Baby P.

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