Friday, 10 April 2009

My adopted son came home after 23 years.. and nearly ended my marriage

A reunion with a long-lost family member may seem like a cause for joy but things dont always turn out the way you planned.
When Philippa Hope found the son shed put up for adoption 23 years earlier, it had a catastrophic impact on her marriage.
Having given up Anthony when she was just a teenager, shed gone on to marry Rick Hope, 40.
But when Anthony found her, it almost ended their marriage.
It wasnt that Rick was unhappy about me finding Anthony, it was just hed never imagined how jealous it would make him feel, says Philippa, 47, a charity worker from Whitstable, Kent.
Once my son and I were reunited, we couldnt get enough of seeing each other. I know now it was torture for Rick. I felt caught between two men who both meant so much to me.
Philippa was just 19 when she split with Anthonys father before finding she was pregnant. Mum wanted me to put the baby up for adoption, says Philippa. I didnt want to but felt I had to.
After giving birth in August 1981, Philippa couldnt bear to look at her son knowing she was going to lose him.
After two days she went to find him in the hospital nursery. I told him Id always love him, says Philippa. Her son was always on her mind but when she met Rick 13 years later, they had a whirlwind romance, marrying after just three months.

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