Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Family Courts; Cardiff

The Times arrived at Cardiff civil justice centre yesterday on the first morning of a fact-finding hearing relating to a child.
After alerting the clerk to my presence before the case started, I was allowed to take a seat at the side of a small, brightly lit family proceedings courtroom on the third floor.
Although they knew about the rule change, my arrival was a surprise to at least some. On his way in, one of the solicitors involved in the case spotted that I had a copy of the new regulations allowing me to be there, and asked if he could borrow them to take a look. The judge asked to see my press card, and then explained to the court that I was there in accordance with the new access regulations that came into force yesterday, and was subject to the reporting restrictions imposed by the 1989 Childrens Act and the 1960 Administration of Justice Act.

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