Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Family Justice - Camilla Cavendish's campaign


Family justice: what we can do to protect our children
A ten-point plan to make our courts system fairer and safeguard it from forces which are largely unaccountable
Family justice: your word against theirsIn the third of our special articles,
we look at the pernicious types of allegation that are almost impossible for parents to disprove
Family courts: the hidden untouchablesIn the second of our special articles,
we explain how family courts operate in secrecy
Family justice: the secret state that steals our children
Every year thousands of children are taken from their parents, largely on the say-so of ‘experts'.
Moving response to our justice campaign
The Times call for an end to secrecy in family courts has produced a huge reaction
The public needs confidence in family courts
Professionals are well aware of the difficulties they faceTimes wins battle over secrecy of family courtDetails disclosed of a private family court case that led to a mother fleeing the UK with her son after he was placed in care
Adoption case a 'disgrace' and cannot be repeated
Family judges want greater openness of proceedings so that their decisions can be seen to be fair and they can rebut criticisms of bias
Family Justice: share your stories and experiences
We're trying to find people who've been involved with the family courts system. You can help by taking our anonymous survey.
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