Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Confused process led to unlawful removal of Baby K

Case Review report published by Nottingham City Council
A case review report arising from the unlawful removal of a baby (K) at birth has been published by Nottingham City Council. The baby had been separated from the mother for just over 7 hours but was reunited with her following a decision from Mr Justice Munby that the removal was unlawful (see G (R on the application of) v Nottingham City Council [2008] EWHC 152 (Admin). The next day the child was properly removed under an Interim Care Order and eventually the mother was found guilty of child cruelty.
The report concludes that the error was not due to inexperience of the professionals involved or lack of knowledge of the overall legal framework and that that there was an appropriate decision making and accountability structure in place. However, there was
a confused process between the Initial Child Protection Conference and the birth planning meeting, probably caused by the difficulties in managing the Initial Child Protection Conference and the volatility of the situation led to making a plan which was unlawful.

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