Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Girl Who Came Back From the Dead (SKY 3)

A True Story Video Documentary!
A Child Abducted At 10 days Old and Return to Her Natural Parents at 6 Years Old!
Social Services and the Court say a child cant be returned to its natural parents if the Child has been in care for a long period of time, this documentary says otherwise!
An astonishing true story, The Girl Who Came Back from the Dead documents the tragic tale of Luz Cuevas (pictured). In 1997, a deadly fire engorged Cuevas' house, claiming the life of her newborn child. Driven by the fact that the youngster's remains were never found, Cuevas was utterly convinced that her ten-day-old daughter was still alive. Six years later, she proved her doubters wrong and made a truly amazing discovery.

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