Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Grandmother given 2 year suspended sentence in Nottingham

Full Story:
Grandmother given 2 year suspended sentence in Nottingham, today....Because she contacted her grandson in Care. The boy is 15 years 6 months. He is eligible to leave the Care home when he is 16.....But have you guessed what the little racket is? The grandson in Care, has been informing his grandmother that he is being physically assaulted and verbally abused, in Care. His grandmother came to his aid....Now she has been sentenced in a secret court, from which the press were banned. Her husband has been sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. And the final twist to this racket is that although the boy should be released from Care( released? He has committed no crime), the authorities are making a case to keep him away from the grandparents...even after he is 16....Because he will repeat his complaints......So they have now begun to state that he is being 'treated for the loss of his mother'. He was taken into Care in 2002, after his mother died. And of course' the treatment' will necessitate that he never gets out of the corrupt incarceration....Because the Guligans are afraid he will spill the beans.

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