Thursday, 6 December 2007

Report says services are improving

Full Story:
A new report says that social care services provided by Wiltshire County Council are adequate and the capacity for improvement continues to be uncertain. Wiltshire social care chiefs promised to continue working together so local people get the care services they need. The performance assessment was produced by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI). The assessment covers 2006/2007 when the county council was facing significant financial pressures. In the report CSCI inspectors praised the creation of the re-ablement service, the way people in care have their dignity protected, that there is efficient and timely service for people who need it, and the fact that people in Wiltshire are quite safe compared to other parts of the country. But among the areas for improvement were engagement with people using services, more choice over the provision of domiciliary care providers for people, more work should be done to promote healthy living, and develop a range of universal community based services. However, throughout 2007 the county council has been developing its relationships with other care and health organisations and undertaking a wide range of service modernisations. John Thomson, county council cabinet member for adult social care, said: "This inspection relates to 2006/2007 when we faced widely publicised difficulties and this is not the same service it was then. "We had no option but to make a number of very difficult decisions about how we would provide services in the future to ensure that they are sustainable and that they would meet local needs. "We believe we have turned the corner and that people are beginning to see real improvements in the services we provide but change does take time. "The real picture is that we are working closely with our colleagues in other health and social care organisations to start delivering range of services that will deliver high quality services for the long term." Jeff James, chief executive of Wiltshire Primary Care Trust said: "It's in everyone's interests that health and social care organisations work closely together to provide the best possible care for the people they jointly serve. "Since October last year, when Wiltshire Primary Care Trust was created, the PCT has worked closely with Wiltshire County Council. Both organisations face financial challenges but there is a strong shared resolve to use our resources wisely to provide seamless support for patients and users. The CSCI report looks back to the past but we are working jointly now to build for the future. "

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