Monday, 3 December 2007

Childminder gets three years for killing baby

Full Story:
A registered childminder and scout leader has been jailed for three years for killing an 11-month-old baby by violently shaking her in a fit of temper. Keran Henderson, herself a mother-of-two, was in sole charge of baby Maeve Sheppard when she was rushed to hospital unconscious and critically ill with brain injuries in March 2005. Henderson was found guilty of manslaughter after an emotionally charged five-week trial at Reading crown court. Passing sentence, the judge, Mr Justice Keith, said: "Mr and Mrs Sheppard trusted you to look after Maeve. "We do not know what really happened to make you snap in the way the jury found that you did." The court heard that on the morning of March 2 2005, emergency services were called and rushed the baby to hospital. Doctors fought to save her but her condition deteriorated. Her life support machine was turned off two days later after a short christening ceremony. Medical experts for the crown told the jury that violent shaking alone could have caused Maeve's injuries. Her neck ligaments were "overextended", indicating that her neck had snapped back and forth. Henderson, 43, had seven years experience running her childminding business from her home at Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire.

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