Friday, 19 September 2008

Ulsterman is arrested in global child abuse swoop

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The PSNI arrested a man in a major inquiry into an online paedophile forum in theUK. Investigators believe they will locate thousands of subscribers to the internet site around the world.
Details of the inquiry came to light following the jailing of the internet forums 'librarian' at Teeside Crown Court in England earlier this week.
Philip Anthony Thompson (27) had 241,000 indecent images of children on computer equipment at his home.
He played a key role in maintaining the forum, which was established as a place where paedophiles could be introduced to one another.
Subscribers were invited to post images and make comments before being subjected to questioning by other users in a bid to discover if they were undercover detectives. Once they passed the vetting process users were directed to other online channels.
The site was discovered by the Metropolitan Polices Paedophile Unit in May last year and the investigation quickly developed into a national and then an international effort involving 12 UK police forces and agencies in 33 countries, including Australia, the US and Canada.
It emerged last night that the PSNI is one of the police forces involved in the inquiry, which is codenamed Operation Elm. It is understood a number of different operations have since been launched in connection with Operation Elm.
The Ulsterman arrested in relation to the inquiry is one of 50 people arrested across the UK so far, including a fire-fighter, a university lecturer and a police community support officer. It is understood the local man is currently on police bail. A PSNI spokesman confirmed: The PSNI has made one arrest in connection with a UK-wide operation against images of child abuse. Police would not reveal any further details about the mans arrest.

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