Friday, 19 September 2008

Child Abuse Story of Healing and Recovery From Kate

Full Article:

A brief history about my abuse. I was abused from the age of five, we believe. One of my brothers began the abuse and added in other ones over the years. There isn't a lot of memories for me and I have not tried to bring anything forward.
My healing began the day I had enough and told my sisters what had been happening to me. I thank God they believed me and confronted my last abuser and it ended. I then started to go to counselling once I realized my life was on a downward spiral. I slept with any guy who wanted me and then I would walk away. Later I came to realize in counselling that I was looking for love and acceptance.
My brother hated me so much, why never mattered. The only time he treated me nice was when he was abusing me. Through therapy I came to understand how messed up my thinking had become. I associated sex with love. It always left me feeling empty inside. Part of my heeling process was to confront my abusers. I was able to confront all of them and some responses were good and some not so good.

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