Sunday, 14 September 2008

Teachers feel children's careers not central to their jobs

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Teachers concentrate on children's exam results at the expense of preparing them for the world of work, a survey has found
Four in ten teachers do not feel getting pupils ready for the world of work is central to their job.
They are more likely to view the number of GCSEs pupils pass or a successful Ofsted report as measures of success for a school rather than pupils ready to leave education for a career.
The survey found one third of teachers thought the number of pupils who went on to get jobs was the least important measure of a school's success.
By contrast, two thirds of teachers viewed the number of pupils who went on to get good GCSE results as the top measure of achievement. A successful Ofsted report was the second choice given in survey of more than 300 teachers by b-live, a social networking facility for employers and youth organisations to contact young people

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