Friday, 12 September 2008

Justice for Families Report 25; June July August 2008

Full Report:

Apologies for the delay in the report. This arises from being too busy with all sorts of things. Thanks to Ali for putting everything together.
Key things that are happening at the moment: Proposed changes to the CYP Bill are tabled to be considered in October The Times are putting some real effort into Family Court Openness Our first few cases have been submitted to the ECtHR in Strasbourg We have improved our contacts in Ireland for anyone thinking of emigrating to Ireland A judicial review against the government for failure to maintain the rule of law in Jersey has been initiated Discussions are ensuing with the Central Authority for the Hague Convention about International Public Law where families have expanded whilst "on the run". The Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee is expected to review the request for an investigation into Family Law later this month. Please ask your MP to vote for the amendments in October.

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