Sunday, 14 September 2008

Memorial to ' Alisha Allen' Died While In Care!

Full Article:

Alisha was classified as a ' vulnerable' child even before she was born in August 2006.
But when her parents moved home a month later their new local authority decided instead to treat her as 'a child in need'.
Although they were still visited by social workers and a health visitor, Alisha's progress would have been monitored more closely had she remained on the at risk register.
In January 2007, Allen picked the crying toddler out of her cot and in a fit of rage shook her with such force that she never recovered from her brain injuries.

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katy said...

as a person who lives in county durham i am deeply saddend by this childs death, it angers me to think that the county that i live in are failing children in times of need. This is happening all over the country and children are dieing every week for abuseive parents and carers. I beleive that sunderland and durham county councils did not comunicate propely over the case involving Alisha Allen and i dont beleive that lessons will be learned although i can only pray that their will. Durham social services should have protected Alisha and they didnt its too late to do the job they should have done. Although i still can not understand what makes these men commit such disgusting crimes against their children the babies they should love and protect. i also feel that Alishas mother is just as much to blame for the childs death as the father and lack of protection from Durham county council as she as a mother has the duty to protect her child form any form of harm. R.I.P Alisha Allen i just hope that something can be learned from your tragic and uneccesery death.xx