Thursday, 18 September 2008

Press Release: NSCFC - 18/10/07

Full Press Release:

Surely now is the time to focus on the reality behind the likes of Families Need Fathers and Fathers 4 Justice, the truth being that the former has been going for over 3 decades without success and apart from annual membership fees are also heavily funded by the very government who has done much to undermine family life since 1997, suffice to say FNF can't run with the hares and hunt with the hounds, for to do so is nothing short of hypocrisy. As for F4J, its founder now blames a father who killed two children as good enough reason to abandon his paid up members for the second time in just a few years, loyalty to his members? I fear not!
This subject is not nor never should be about membership fees, personal egos or a nine till five paid job paid for by the State, its about the here and now its about securing parity in family law this in the best interest of children and parents alike and sadly both organizations sited above have failed abysmally at the expense of others misfortune and for far to long.
We say this therefore, for over three decades concerned organizations have picked up the gauntlet on our behalf most have come and gone disillusioned and exhausted by the apathy of both State and victim. Hence we say this in all honesty the NSCFC can not do this for you, no more than any other charity or organisation out there can as has been proven time and time again. That you might in all good faith continue to pay membership fees to support groups year in year out hoping for their success, was, is and never can bring the powers that be to your rescue, suffice to say dont waste your money on empty promises. If you want change as we your fellow victims do, if you want to see your beloved ones again, if you want to stop this continued erosion of your rights as a father, mother, grandparent or extended family member then the fight is yours to behold and in your hands only. Conclusion being, as with the poll-tax, people power on mass was and is the one and only true option left to retrieve what we and our loved ones have lost, indeed which of these two issues are of more importance, the fight for no poll- tax or the children of your heart? The choice is ours and if we want to secure a better future for those that follow then I submit to you that we must grasp this moment now before it is too late, for without doubt todays child is tomorrows parent and God forbid we should leave them to face the same fate as we.

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