Thursday, 18 September 2008

Eminem's mother tells all in book

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Eminem is the Elvis Presley of the new century. His fans are legion and loyal. Tens of millions of his albums have flown off the shelves. His music videoseven the older oneshave tallied millions of hits on YouTube. His relevance is undisputed. And his mother wants to set the record straight.
In MY SON MARSHALL, MY SON EMINEM, Debbie Nelson reveals the truth behind her sons allegations of her abuse and manipulation of his success, money, and dreams. A charismatic woman with undeniable love for her son, Debbie Nelson will surely incite her readers sympathy and anger for the injustice of her misrepresentation. Any parent whos dealt with a rebellious child and anyone whos ever felt guilt for rebelling against a well-meaning parentwill identify with this story

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