Monday, 15 September 2008

Sex offender alerts: Five scenarios (Sarah's Law)

Full Article:

Four pilots have begun inEngland which permit parents, carers or guardians to ask the police if someone has a record for child sex offences. There are many unanswered questions about what the 12-month trial will achieve - so what kinds of scenarios could the scheme cover?
A single mother meets a man who she likes but it worried that she does not know enough about his background to allow him fully into her family's life. She telephones the local police and requests information about the man.
The police would check the background of the man because the request has come from a mother - someone who is directly responsible for a child. Officers would carry out two checks - a priority check within 24 hours followed by a more thorough risk assessment which takes longer because it will delve into someone's history.
If there is a criminal record, the pilot constabularies say they would use special child protection measures, jointly run by police and probation officers, to work out how best to deal with the suspect.

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