Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Review of Baby P's death leaked

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A leaked report into the death of Baby P suggests there were further missed opportunities to save him from abuse.
The Serious Case Review, seen by the Mail on Sunday, sheds new light on the investigation into his injuries.
Baby P was 17 months old when he died with more than 50 injuries, despite being on the child protection register.
The government has opted not to publish the review in full, saying it could deter other investigations of abuse.
In the months leading up to Baby P's death in August 2007 he was seen about 60 times by child welfare officials, who missed the signs of abuse.
According to the leaked report:
a legal meeting days before he died was delayed by six weeks due to "workload pressures", although it ultimately decided against taking the child out of his home
six months before Baby P's death it was agreed an interim care order could be issued to remove him but no action was taken

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