Thursday, 19 March 2009

Man's 1979 murder verdict quashed

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A man who spent 27 years in jail for a murder he did not commit said he was ''ecstatic'' as he walked free from the Court of Appeal.
Sean Hodgson, now 57, saw his ''unsafe'' conviction for killing Teresa De Simone, 22, in her car in Southampton 30 years ago quashed by senior judges.
Tests prove DNA from the scene was not his and police have reopened the case.
Speaking outside court Mr Hodgson said it was ''great to be free'' while his brother said his release was a ''dream''.
''On behalf of my brother, I would like to thank the solicitor a million, million times,'' Peter Hodgson said.
''I've had a dream for 27 years. I know it's a hell of a long time, but it's finally come true.''
Mr Hodgson is one of the longest-serving victims of a miscarriage of justice in the UK.
His solicitor Julian Young said: ''I hope that the inquiry, that will undoubtedly take place, will find out how this happened and ensure it does not happen again.''

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