Monday, 9 March 2009

Carlisle baby was bitten, scratched and burned in three years of torture

Full Article:

Sadistic Reuben Williams subjected his young daughter to nearly three years of horrific abuse which left her body covered in scars.
The doctor at Carlisle’s Cumberland Infirmary who examined the three-year-old was so upset by what he saw that he had to leave the room to hide his distress.
Her arms, legs, and torso covered with nearly 200 scars, the child had suffered the most extreme abuse that the police officers investigating her case had ever seen.
Across the child’s bottom were 10, 5in long scars – sustained as Williams held his baby daughter down on a burning hot storage heater.
Many of the other scars were caused by Williams viciously biting and scratching his terrified daughter.
Astonishingly, the youngster’s mother – 22-year-old Elodie Massacrier – stood by her man, covering the abuse so effectively that it continued from just a few months after the child’s birth in April 2005 until just a few weeks short of her third birthday.
Fashion conscious and intelligent, Massacrier took immense care of her own appearance.
Yet her daughter’s scarring means she will probably never be able to dress fashionably or even sunbathe on a beach when she grows older, said Judge Peter Hughes QC.
At Carlisle Crown Court yesterday, the full horror of the girl’s ordeal was revealed. The judge described the child’s prolonged suffering as ''profoundly shocking''.

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