Friday, 13 March 2009

Profiling: Lord Laming

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The name Lord Laming has long been associated with social services, and in particular child protection, issues in Britain.
Many would first link his name with inquiries into the implications of the notorious Victoria Climbie and Baby P cases.
His areas of interest range from child protection to foster care, home care for older people, and elements of the criminal justice system.
He had been set to head an inquiry into serial killer Harold Shipman but stepped down in July 2000, after victims' families successfully campaigned to have the hearing made public. Lord Laming said the extra work involved in a public hearing made it impossible for him to continue.
In that same year he was also involved in investigating management of the Prison Service.
But the former probation officer and social worker, from Newcastle, is perhaps best known for his role in chairing the public inquiry into the death of Victoria Climbie, in Haringey, north London.
The eight year old, from Ivory Coast, died in February 2000 at the hands of abusive guardians who tortured her for months.
After a 15-month inquiry Lord Laming reported fatal flaws within the system. He said more than a year on he still found the details of the case ''personally distressing''.

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