Friday, 13 March 2009

Baby P Report: 'Workers' Training Is Poor'

Full Article:

Lord Laming, who wrote the original report into the Climbie tragedy and has now completed his investigation into the death of Baby P, has criticised failings in information sharing between agencies.
He has also blasted the poor training and support given to ''overstretched'' frontline staff and the red tape ''hampering'' social workers.
Lord Laming said it is up to Children's Secretary Ed Balls to immediately address the ''inadequacy'' of training and supply of frontline social workers.
''We have to make sure social workers are properly supported, trained and looked after,'' he said.
''It is a job that not only involves intellectual demands but it is a job that is emotionally very stressful.''
Lord Laming also said there was concern that quality social work was being put in danger by an ''overemphasis on process and targets'', singling out computer systems which were ''hampering progress''.

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