Saturday, 21 March 2009

Missing Women (Video Documentary)

Full Article:

A powerful documentary focused on the 'missing women' of Asia - the estimated 100 million females who have not been given a chance to live due to overwhelming social pressures.We travel to India where, in the south, community pressure has forced many women to commit infanticide by killing their own daughters. In the north of the country, a great weight of tradition has led to a selective abortions; something that is ravaging the country's female population.In Karachi, Pakistan, the number of newborn girls abandoned at birth has increased tenfold in the wake of growing poverty. Baby girls are being left for dead in the city's ditches, parks and dumps. Finally, we visit China, where 20 years of the 'single child' policy has driven families to do away with their daughters. The Chinese government is now trying to reverse this trend..

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