Monday, 9 March 2009

Grey protesters hold rally to stop ‘forced adoption’ of grandchildren

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ELDERLY ACTIVISTS will stage a protest in Glasgow this week to demand that no child should be put into care if they can live with their grandparents.
Grandparents Apart UK believe that social workers are too willing to place children with strangers. The group's "war cry" is the recent case of an Edinburgh child sent to live with a gay couple - but they insist their grievance is not homophobic.
They have previously campaigned for automatic access rights for grandparents after custody battles and were involved in writing the Grandparents' Charter, which sets out the rights of grandparents but is not legally binding.
advertisementGrandparents Apart urged the SNP to listen to their demands and warned failure to do so could cost them the "grey vote" at the next election.
Jimmy Deuchars, manager of Grandparents Apart UK, said: ''We're challenging the social services's and the government's policies regarding children and adoption, particularly when grandchildren are adopted to strangers. Social services used to be an organisation that cared and protected, but now they snatch the children and adopt them forcibly, alienating them from their family. Evidence from our members indicates that if grandparents then put up a fuss, they are threatened with the removal of all contact rights. What sort of a democracy is this?''

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