Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Mum of three tells of crack hell

Full Story:

A COVENTRY mum of three has spoken candidly about her drug addiction in the hope that it will deter others. Karen (not her real name) says she can identify with troubled singer Amy Winehouse. As the government launches the first national Tackling Drugs Week, she has spoken of how she over-came her habit with the help of counsellors. The 28-year-old became addicted to crack cocaine and heroine six years ago when her youngest child was six months old. With help from Coventry's Community Drugs Team - CDT - she quit using drugs in six weeks and has completely turned her life around. Karen says counselling and alternative therapies including reiki healing, meditation, homeopathy and acupuncture really helped her. Nine months ago she gave up alcohol, four months ago she quit smoking and has also stopped taking the anti-depressant Prozac. In the future she is hopes to train as a youth worker, having just completed a counselling course at college.

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