Friday, 23 May 2008

Child Protection damages Public Health - AIMS

Full Story:

The following is an Aim's press release sent out recently that I quote. The punitive way child protection is practised in the UK may be doing more harm than good. In their many cases on file, the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services has numerous examples: Women with postnatal depression who are at risk of suicide conceal their illness - for fear of losing their children Women who are being beaten up by their partners dont report it - for fear of social workers taking their children Women in need of support whose pregnancies were the result of rape conceal it from midwives at antenatal clinic - for fear of social workers being called in. Parents are afraid to take sick children to A & E - for fear paediatricians will have them taken away. Health visitors, once valuable supporters, are no longer welcomed since they became the health police These and many other examples were outlined in a letter AIMS sent to Chief Medical Officers in the UK - which has now been published. We make sure officials have the information - then they cant say they did not know, says Jean Robinson, former Hon. Research Officer who wrote the letter

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