Friday, 23 May 2008

How will I pay for care fees?

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My mum has just had to go into a nursing home and I am trying to work out how to best manage her money to pay the homes high fees. I went to a financial adviser who said that if I let him sell my mother's shares she holds in several different major companies, even though they are very low right now, he would advise us to put that money into a bond which would pay approx 5% income and put 5% interest/growth on the capital. He spoke to social services on the phone in my presence but I could not hear what was actually said. They apparently agreed with him that they could not take the capital money invested in the bond into any financial assessment and could only regard the income from the bond along with mums pensions into account and therefore social services would pay the shortfall of mums care fees without any chargeback leaving mums capital intact and protected. I can hardly believe that - it sounds too easy!! Can you help as I am exhausted from all the sharks swimming around me and my poor mum. Jules, Brighton Peter McGahan at Worldwide Financial Planning replies: Firstly the advice you have received is incorrect in its entirety. Let me break it down for you. Selling your mum's shares may not be the best course of action. She may be forced into a capital gains position on the profit of the shares. On death that capital gain is completely wiped out due to the current tax laws so why should she be forced to sell them and create that tax problem.

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