Sunday, 18 May 2008

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There is a need for child protection leaflets to be produced in a number of languages UP to 800 primary schools -- a quarter of the national total -- have reported cases of suspected child abuse to the Health Services Executive, according to a shock survey. But schools claim that neglect and physical abuse is not a priority with the HSE, which is more interested in allegations of sexual abuse. They also allege that when they approach the social services for advice without outlining specifics they come under immediate pressure to make a disclosure. The referrals to the HSE are made by Designated Liaison Persons (DLPs) in schools in accordance with Department of Education and Science child protection guidelines. All schools are now obliged to have a DLP and the first of them was appointed seven years ago. A survey of 335 DLPs asked how many had reported suspected cases since they were appointed and exactly a quarter of the 335 polled said they had done so. The survey is an accurate sample representing the country's 3,200 primary schools.

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