Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Grandparents Apart Press Release May 2008

Full Report: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/grandparents_press_release_05.htm
The Launch of the 1st Mobile Family Information & Education Centre in UK.

We are proud to announce the launch of our Family Information & Education Centre. It will carry all types of family information. We have information about Kinship care, adoption, social services, courts and advice on how to build bridges when family problems arise. We will also have information about other family support organisations that can help with particular issues. If we dont know the answer, we will know a man that does!
There is an alternative to locking horns, an alternative to legal action. We can help you find the solution to suit your family problems.
We will be promoting The Charter for Grandchildren created by the Scottish Government to remind and encourage families to put the childrens welfare first in family arguments and encourage professionals to be more alert to the real best interest of the child in their daily workings.
Full Report: http://www.stopinjusticenow.com/grandparents_press_release_05.htm

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