Wednesday, 21 May 2008

EDCM Challenges All Councils And Health Bodies To Take Chance To Change Lives For Disabled Children And Families, UK

Full Story:

Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) welcomes a major new package of support for disabled children and their families announced at a national conference by Ed Balls MP, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, as part of the Aiming High for Disabled Children programme. A raft of new announcements, including the publication of key anti-bullying guidance for schools and a new 'Core Offer' for families with disabled children, were made during the Secretary of State's speech. Delegates at the conference, including many of the most senior representatives of local authorities and primary care trusts in England, heard Ed Balls describe Aiming High for Disabled Children as a 'chance for transformation'. Steve Broach, EDCM Campaign Manager said: 'We are delighted that so many senior managers responsible for improving the lives of children across England are at today's conference to hear the Secretary of State make his latest speech on disabled children. This is a recognition that disabled children and their families must be a priority for the reforms to children's services nationwide. But there are many areas that are not represented today and EDCM will continue to push for disabled children to be made a priority in every single locality. Aiming High for Disabled Children must bring an end to the postcode lottery. It should not be too much to ask that families with disabled children, wherever they live, should have the same right to an ordinary family life as other families. Signing the EDCM Campaign Charters is the best way local areas can make sure this happens, alongside delivering the government's new Core Offer for disabled children.'

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