Sunday, 18 May 2008

Child Killers 'Fred West'

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Serial killers are the dark stars of modern culture. Their faces are familiar. We know what the Yorkshire Ripper and Ed Gein did and how they did it. But what made them that act that way? What was the path they took from their childhood to adulthood? Each of the best-known serial murderers has been closely scrutinised by psychologists seeking some clue to what prompted their awful crimes. They will provide fascinating testimony about the early years, and reveal whether there is a common pattern in their development. Cromwell Street, Gloucester - an ordinary house in an ordinary street. Number 25 was the home of a local builder and his wife, bustling with children and topped up to the brim with lodgers. The only thing that distinguished number 25 from the others was the amount of people that came and went. Fred West liked company. He also liked to maim, molest and murder. But was this seemingly ordinary man driven to the slaughter of at least 12 women and children or was Fred West Born to Kill? Over a period of about twenty years Fred and Rose West abducted, tortured, raped and murdered an unknown number of girls, many of whom lay buried in the garden until the police dug them up. What motivated West to commit such terrible crimes? Was he born evil or did his upbringing make him this way? Did he do it for sexual kicks? Or, as some allege, did he supply the sacrificial victims to a black magic coven?

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