Wednesday, 9 July 2008

No social services contact for 5 days, claims boy’s mother

Full Story:

FIVE days after a troubled 15-year-old boy was forced to spend the night in a Garda station, social workers still havent called to see how he is, his mother has claimed. The boys mother, who readily admits being unable to cope with him, said her son had been let down by social services. They havent even bothered to pick up the phone and ask me if hes okay, she said. Her son had been put in the care of a foster family, who also found it impossible to cope with him. He left their home last Wednesday and phoned his mother, threatening to harm himself. The foster family, who were concerned for his welfare, contacted gardai who found the youth in Charleville, Co Cork. Gardai made a number of unsuccessful attempts to contact social workers and were forced to provide a makeshift bed for him in the public office at Mallow Garda Station. The following morning gardai managed to contact the HSE, and one of its social workers rang the boys mother.

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