Thursday, 3 July 2008

Council made me 'scapegoat' claims Climbie social worker

Full Story:

THE SOCIAL worker in charge of Victoria Climbie's care when she was murdered by a relative and her lover has torn into Haringey Council for setting her up as a "scapegoat" for its failings.In an interview in the Mail on Sunday, Lisa Arthurworrey, 39, said she was "set up to fail" by her Haringey bosses throughout the case and the inquiry into the horrific abuse suffered by the eight-year-old, who died in 2000.Victoria's great aunt, Marie Therese Kouao, and her then-boyfriend Carl Manning are currently serving life sentences for her murder.Miss Arthurworrey also hit out at Victoria's mother, Berthe, for sending the girl to live with a relative she had met only twice.But while she won the right to re-register as a social worker this month, subject to a mental health assessment, she said: "I don't actually know whether I want to practise. It's too soon to decide. But I wouldn't dream now of going back into child protection in Britain - it's just not safe... there are just too many devious hypocrites in social work."The ruling by the Care Standards Tribunal said that "to blame everything on [her] is, we believe, to make her a
scapegoat for the failings of a number of people," including a consultant paediatrician who decided Victoria's injuries were the result of an accident.It added: "There was a pervasive culture of 'close the file' from Lisa Arthurworrey's managers."

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