Thursday, 3 July 2008

Mum of starved tot gets 12yrs

Full Story:

A JUDGE blasted a callous mother yesterday for worrying about her dog’s weight while her daughter starved to death upstairs. Pub landlady Sabrina Hirst, 22, let Tiffany Wright, three, waste away while she partied and held discos in the bar. The tot lay dead for TWO DAYS before she was found. Jailing Hirst for 12 years, The Recorder of Sheffield, Alan Goldsack QC said: “One almost unbelievable piece of evidence is that on what was probably Tiffany’s last day alive you, Sabrina Hirst, were discussing on the phone concerns you had about one of your dogs’ weight and feeding problems. “Most members of the public . . . . will find it impossible to understand.” The judge said he was surprised a murder charge had been dropped. Hirst admitted manslaughter. Tiffany’s stepdad Robert Hirst, 44, got six years’ jail after admitting child cruelty and neglect. Both also admitted neglecting a child of 12 months who cannot be named. Sheffield Crown Court was told how Tiffany was locked in a stinking room at the Scarborough Arms in the city’s Upperthorpe. Live electrical wires hung from walls. The room where the family’s dogs were kept stank of excrement and urine. Prosecutor Jeremy Richardson QC said: “The squalor almost defies description for any human being to live in, let alone children.” Tiffany was often spotted staring from her window.

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