Monday, 19 November 2007

Saved from fire tragedy

Full Story:
Police saved a child from the care of sex beast Arthur McElhill just days before he torched his family's home.
Sunday Life has learned that the vulnerable girl would almost certainly have been the EIGHTH victim of the alcoholic dad's Omagh inferno but for quick action by shocked police officers.
The cops decided to remove the child from McElhill's Lammy Crescent home after learning that Social Services had placed her in the care of a convicted sex offender and his partner.
Sunday Life understands that Social Services have launched an investigation into the tragedy and it is believed it will examine how the couple was granted permission to look after the child even though dad Arthur McElhill (39) was on the sex offenders' register.
It's understood that the girl was only in the family's home for a matter of weeks before the police acted. But a local source said police were horrified when they discovered the girl had been placed in the couple's care because they knew of his record.
"Thank God they acted to have her removed from the house otherwise this terrible tragedy could have been even worse," said the source.
Arthur McElhill, originally from Ederney, Fermanagh was a violent, unemployed drunk with a history of sex attacks on teenage girls.

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