Monday, 19 November 2007

Doctor David Southall Exposed

Full Story:
For many years David Southall has exacted misery upon the most vulnerable people in society, sick children and their parents. This blog will provide comment and evidence as to what Southall has done over the years and will not close until such times as he is arrested and charged with the crimes he has committed.
Visit The David Southall Exposed ‘Blog Site’
Watch The 2 Video’s On Exposing ‘Dr David Southall’
Video 1
The Baby Research Projects of Professor David Southall & Company
Interviews with Lawrence Alexander with parents Robin and Janet
"Babies were deprived of oxygen. I want to know what implications this has had for my health."
Video 2
Professor David Southall cover-up exposed
Interviews with Investigative journalist Brian Morgan and John Hemming MP

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